snoring, apneic episodes, and nocturnal hypoxemia among children 6 months to 6 years old*

Snoring, Apneic Episodes, and Nocturnal Hypoxemia Among Children 6 Months to 6 Years Old*

Research by: Thorarinn Gislason, MD, PhD, FCCP; and Bryndis Benediktsdottir, MD

Sleep-disordered breathing has been found to affect a surprisingly high proportion of both m....

March 14,2018

persistent snoring in preschool children - predictors and behavioral and developmental correlates (2012)

Persistent Snoring in Preschool Children - Predictors and Behavioral and Developmental Correlates (2012)

“Persistent snorers had significantly higher reported overall behavior problems, particularly hyperactivity, depression, and inattention. Nonsnorers had significantly stronger cognitive devel....

November 29,2016