reserve your seat! short film premier 'the aha moment!'

Reserve your Seat! Short Film Premier 'The Aha Moment!'

Why is it that so many children are suffering from ADD / ADHD? Behavioral Issues? Socialization Issues?

Join us on June 10 for the short film premiere of 'The Aha Moment!'....

June 06,2018

dr heather stamm, unlocking your child’s potential with healthystart™

Dr Heather Stamm, Unlocking your child’s potential with HealthyStart™


May 30,2017

consider a better approach

Consider a Better Approach

Ortho-Tain is the Parent company of HEALTHYSTART™ This video was done long before crossing the 3 million mark of children helped all over the world. 


November 03,2016

understanding the dr.’s perspective

Understanding the Dr.’s Perspective

Understanding the Dr.’s perspective is critical for the parent wanting to align with a provider who’s philosophy is to treat their child proactively and without heavy medication. This i....

November 02,2016