abcnews features certified healthystart® provider, dr. jay werschky

ABCNews features Certified HealthyStart® Provider, Dr. Jay Werschky

Premier Certified HealthyStart® Provider, Dr. Jay Werschky of Werschky & Lewis Family Dentistry in Flint, Michigan is not only passionate about dentistry, his pediatric patients, but even m....

November 15,2018

a good night's sleep

A Good Night's Sleep

5 year old, Tomas, is a sweet, silly and perpetually happy child …. not fearful of much during the day, but over the last two years bedtime became his worst fear. He was desperately afraid o....

November 01,2018

reserve your seat! short film premier 'the aha moment!'

Reserve your Seat! Short Film Premier 'The Aha Moment!'

Why is it that so many children are suffering from ADD / ADHD? Behavioral Issues? Socialization Issues?

Join us on June 10 for the short film premiere of 'The Aha Moment!'....

June 06,2018

bedwetting - a symptom of sleep disordered breathing

Bedwetting - A symptom of Sleep Disordered Breathing

Bedwetting is just ONE of the MANY symptoms of Sleep-Related Breathing Disorder. HealthyStart® can help.

Schedule a HealthyStart® Sleep / Airway Assessment for your child.....

April 11,2018

nightmares vs night terrors

Nightmares VS Night Terrors

Nightmares are dreams with vivid content that occur during REM sleep. They usually involve immediate awakening and good recall of the dream.

Night or Slee....

February 19,2018

healthystart® can improve your child's health

HealthyStart® Can Improve Your Child's Health

As parents we always strive for better for our kids. Early intervention is key!! By scheduling a Sleep and Airway assessment for your child, you could have an impact on their future by improving th....

January 12,2018

attention all pediatric dentists, general dentists, orthodontists

ATTENTION ALL Pediatric Dentists, General Dentists, Orthodontists

ATTENTION ALL Pediatric Dentists, General Dentists, Orthodontists, Oral Physicians

The American Dental Association’s new Policy states that it’s the responsibility of ALL Dent....

January 08,2018

ada releases new policy statement on dentistry and sleep-related breathing disorders

ADA RELEASES NEW POLICY STATEMENT on Dentistry and Sleep-Related Breathing Disorders

Dentistry in the Treatment of Sleep-Related Breathing Disorders

Dentists can and do play an essential role in the multidisciplinary care of patients with certain sleep rel....

September 19,2017

washington post: interrupted sleep may lead to alzheimer's, new studies show

Washington Post: Interrupted Sleep may lead to Alzheimer's, New Studies Show

Three studies by researchers at Wheaton College in Illinois found significant connections between breathing disorders that interrupt sleep and the accumulation of biomarkers for Alzheimer’s d....

September 19,2017

what parents need to know about sleep apnea and sleep disordered breathing in children

What Parents Need to Know about Sleep Apnea and Sleep Disordered Breathing in Children


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September 19,2017